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Artist statement

I observe. I meet. I interest. We record and I give back.


I am interested in every person’s unique being. People from different cultures, each with their own story, who dream and look beyond. Those who seek and pursue happiness in the everyday. Romantic longing, a spontaneous dance, my eyes continuously wandering. Uninhibitedly discovering beauty in (un)ordinary places and finding it within each other.


I worked for several brands & companies & photographers like Roger Neve, Tim Verhallen, Yvette Kulkens, Martin Sweers, Arjaan Hamel, Ellen van Bennekom, Eric van der Elsen, Leon Hendrickx, Jaap Vork, Vogue, Jan Magazine, Nouveau, Rituals, Hunkemoller, JcSophie, Costes, Bijenkorf, Raetsheren, Visma, Fontys hogescholen, Citygin, Laika Agency, Ambos Anthos


Photography, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Conceptual thinker


Email -

Tel - 06 20 67 30 94

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