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What I was reaching to see every morning

‘I observe, I meet, I interest,
We record and I give back.’

I am interested in the unique being of each person. People from different cultures, each with their own story, who dream and look beyond. Those who seek and pursue happiness in the everyday. Romantic longing, a spontaneous dance, continuously my eyes are wandering. Uninhibited discovering beauty in (un)ordinary places and finding it in each other.

Our heads filled with dreams and ambitions. We discovered our identity. There was the romantic longing for something more, for a different place. A longing perhaps for making rational choices. That was us, in our teens. For What I was reaching to see every morning I followed four people who, in their teens, decided to exchange their country of birth for Gran Canaria, the Spanish island that feels like a second home to me. Was it a conscious escape or prompted by a dream? What did these choices back then lead to? What has the island brought them?

The four emigrants shared their special stories with me. We share a love for the island and through photography, film and text I share their stories with you. My goal is to use my work to build bridges between different cultures where people are central.

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