Jacqueline Hassink - table of power

''In the projectThe Table of Power(1993–95), I was searching for a table that symbolized modern society’s most important value: economic power.''

1. How many people are taking place in the Board of Director and could you give me their names? 2. Where does the Managing Director have his seat? 3. How often does the Board of Directors use there meeting room? 4. Where is the meeting room of the Board of Directors situated in relationship to the building (on which floor)? 5. Is there a special security system arount the meeting room of the Board of Directors? 6. How old is the table? 7. How did they choose their table, by special design or by catalogue? 8. Was the (former) Board of Directors/ Managing Directors involved in the decision about the design of the table, did they have some influence on the design? 9. Why dit they choose an oval/round/rectangular table?

Het boek is vormgegeven door een Nederlandse vormgeefster Emma Boom. In het boek staan in alle manieren gegevens en informatie over de 'Table'.

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